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Aquasana Home Water Filters


Your body is more than 70% water. Make sure this water is as clean and healthy as it can be. Common tap water contaminants including disinfectants and other impurities can be unhealthy to drink and use on a daily basis. In one easy step you can make a significant improvement toward a healthier you and a healthier environment. Clean, filtered water is superior for drinking, cooking, showering and a great way to reduce plastic waste. Learn more about healthy water for healthy living at:  Aquasana Home Water Filters

Norwex – Environmentally sustainable cleaning products

Norwex produces cleaning products that radically reduce the chemicals used in your home.  They offer microfiber clothes, plant-based, and enzyme-based cleaning products and other planet-friendly solutions.  Moreover, Norwex greatly reduces the use of disposable products, such as paper towels and cleansers, saving you money and time.

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Magnetude Jewelry

Magnetude Jewelry is not only beautiful, its been designed for your health in mind.  Bio-energetic elements are embedded in the backs of the bases of this beautiful jewelry.  These magnets protect us from electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

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BEMER Micro-circulation Devices

The circulation system supplies the human body’s tissues and organs with nutrients and oxygen … and removes and disposes of waste products. Three-quarters of these vital processes occur in “microcirculation” – the smallest blood vessels.  BEMER products are easy to use and create the ultimate relaxation.  Better Circulation. Better Health. Better Life!

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Great Information for a Healthy Lifestyle

Great Places to Shop

A wonderful resource for organic, gluten-free products and vitamins:

Mona’s Health Foods, Inc.
1802 Marsh Road
Wilmington, DE 19810

Healthy Grocers:

Newark Cooperative Foods Market

Harvest Market Grocery

Highland Orchards Farm Market
1431 Foulk Road, Wilmington, DE 19810

Online sellers

  • - Donna Gate’s website, with products to help you recovering your health and rebuild your immunity.
  • - Great website to save money on vitamins and supplements.


SaveWay Compound Pharmacy
31 Albe Drive #1
Newark, DE 19702
Specializing in customized medications for people and pets
Bio-identical Prescriptions

Delaware Celiac and Gluten Free Group
Eva Szalewicz, Group Consultant

Local Practitioners

Alexander Technique:

Imogen Ragone, M.AmSAT


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