What People Say

“Since working with Theresa there have been numerous changes in my life and that of my family. A big changes is I cook dinner during the week and have been doing so for the last 3+ months. Before it was an overwhelming chore to figure out what to make. I’ve organized myself so I know the grocery store specials and use that as a guideline for the menus when I shop on Sundays. In the process I have more time for other things (like working out) and have been saving at least $100/month on groceries!

I love collard greens! I never tasted them before working with Theresa. I’ve been preparing foods that are new to me and my family and we’ve discovered new foods we enjoy. We are all eating healthier with more family meals.

Theresa has also been working with one of my children. His nutrition IQ has increased while his weight has decreased by 9 lbs so far! He’s making more thoughtful decisions about what he eats and exercising on a regular basis.

Working with Theresa has brought positive changes into my life and that of my husband and children. Thanks, Theresa!”

–Beth J. Keil, RN

“I’d recommend Theresa Taylor to anyone looking to learn more about the role of holistic nutrition in their life! I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist with a fairly thriving private practice. For most of my clients I mix and match training sessions with basic nutritional education; primarily I spend my time training my clients first, then providing basic information on poor vs quality food choices and recipes for nutritious meals and snacks. When I met Theresa a few years ago I signed up for some of her counseling sessions just to see if she had any new or unusual information to offer and was very pleasantly surprised! I learned a great deal about the grand, sweeping benefits of organics, raw foods, various vitamins and minerals, eating locally grown foods in season, diet in regards to personality types (just to name a few of the MANY topics Theresa covered!) More significantly, Theresa educated me on the role of the ‘primary foods’ in one’s life and even helped me get in touch with a few of my own, old, somewhat obsessive eating habits! I appreciate Theresa’s wealth of knowledge as well as her warm, nurturing, and empathetic character. I have recommended her to several of my clients who need far deeper counseling than I can provide and will continue to do so…her services are a valuable investment for anyone interested in a healthier, happier life!”

–Jessica Lewis, Certified Personal Trainer

“It has been my privilege to know Theresa Taylor for the past four years. During that time I have found her to be a loving, caring, intelligent woman with a generous spirit. I have also witnessed her successful completion of studies in integrative nutrition.

I am now a client. Theresa has educated me about natural foods, diet, and strategies for improving my lifestyle in pursuit of wellness. She is my teacher, coach, and an excellent example of how good nutrition can change one’s life.

Theresa’s passion for her work is infectious and serves to inspire not only me, but all who know her.”

–Kay Spurlock, January 2008

“When I think of Theresa, the words “compassionate listening” come to mind first. When I met her, I expected Theresa to do most of the talking like the other health practitioners I know who reach for remedies before you are finished talking. It is different with Theresa. She listens generously with a warmth that lets you know that you are in the company of someone who is genuinely interested in your health issues and wants to make a difference.

I was part of a lively¬†Light Up Your Health¬†group that met at Theresa’s house. Over the weeks, I filled my notebook with a great variety of recipes and an abundance of helpful information as I drank tea, laughed, and learned with a like spirited group of health seekers. There were opportunities for sharing, tasting, watching the cook in action, asking questions, and gathering invaluable resources.

It is clear that Theresa “walks the walk” as you are invited into her kitchen and experience how her lifestyle echoes her beliefs about health. With Theresa, you can discover invaluable information like “the dirty dozen” foods that need to be organic, where to shop, what to look for in ingredients, and how to create ease and fun with shopping and cooking. Before the class, I was confused and dis-empowered about how to make a difference in my health and the health of my family. Now I have experiences and resources at my fingertips and the knowledge and confidence to create change.

If you are looking for a way to learn about health that is fun, highly informative, and hands-on, contact Theresa!

–Hope Hawkins

“What a great time we had as a group in the Light Up Your Health integrative health class led by Theresa Piane Taylor. I learned so much about myself and the need to continually pursue a healthy balance for my mind, body and soul. Can’t wait til our next class–lots of laughter, learning, growth and discovery. Excellent course, Theresa! Thanks!”

–Donna Duffy,
Academic Connections Tutoring

“I have just completed a 6-month course with Theresa Taylor in Integrative Nutrition. We met every two weeks for an hour and covered everything from the basics of healthy food to exercises designed to help me round out my life in order to “crowd out” cravings for unhealthy food. There are recipes for sweet-but-healthy treats, for meals and foods that I had always wanted to make, but never knew how, and for new meals that I had never thought of having and that I now love. Between the things I learned from Theresa and the things I learned from all of the books and videos that she recommended, I have been experimenting a lot and taking delight in my new ability to nourish myself and my family. I recently told Theresa that in recent weeks I had been experiencing a level of joy that I had not experienced in many years. I believe that has come from the fun of our meetings, the excitement of what I am experimenting with and learning, and from a natural joy that grows out of being well nourished.

The Integrative Nutrition program is just wonderful — so much more inclusive than a traditional nutrition or cooking class would be in what it covers. And working with Theresa in particular has been an absolute delight. She is warm, she is caring, she is knowledgeable, and she is very clear about the importance to each of our lives of nourishing ourselves and our families with healthful, pure, clean, nutritious foods. Her enthusiasm is infectious, as are her love of food and life. She has been a treasured teacher, mentor, and resource for me and, by extension, for my family.”

–Helen Winslow, Attorney

“I have really appreciated Theresa’s integrative approach to a healthy lifestyle. Her 6 week class was packed with good information and samples of healthy recipes. It was also a time to develop new friends and grow together toward a more healthy lifestyle.”

–Pat Howes, Academic Connections Tutoring

“My name is Brooke Herrick. I am 12 years old and I am inspired by a wonderful woman named Theresa Piane. She is a wonderful health counselor.”

–Brooke Herrick
(Excerpt from a brochure made by Brooke to her family after a cooking demonstration with Theresa.)

“I first attended Theresa’s cooking class on greens, and enjoyed every recipe she introduced to us and have prepared most of them at home more than once. Since that time I have been having one-on-one coaching with Theresa and have attended her wonderful 6-week group class. The information, support and sharing she facilitated has been so useful.
I am especially grateful to her for helping me find effective strategies for migraine prevention, including reducing the amount of gluten in my diet and introducing more whole grains and greens. My reliance on medication has dropped significantly, as have the number of migraine attacks. Needless to say, I am delighted. I highly recommend Theresa’s programs or classes to anyone seeking to make healthy changes in their life.”

–Imogen Ragone,
Alexander Technique Teacher